Information for Patients

Patient Information

On arrival to the Emergency Department, the patient is assessed by a Triage Nurse.

Triage is a system of prioritisation of patients, so that those requiring most urgent care are seen first. [See Emergency Department Process]. The patient is then asked to check-in at Reception. Patients requiring immediate medical attention or resuscitation will be brought immediately to the appropriate Treatment Area.

The patient is then assessed, stabilised and treated by the Emergency Department Team. If the patient requires admission to hospital, they will be referred to the appropriate speciality team. If not, the patient is discharged with appropriate treatment, and follow-up is arranged, either in the ED Review Clinic, Fracture Clinic, Out-Patient Department, Physiotherapy Clinic, or with their GP.

In recent years, the ED has introduced a number of Clinical Pathways for certain conditions, which allow more patients to avoid the need for admission for investigations. Patients are instead booked in to have the investigation the following working day.

Directions to Sligo Emergency Department

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The Emergency Department is located on the

  • Ground Floor of  Sligo University Hospital


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