Research & Training

The Emergency Department at Sligo University Hospital has an active teaching programme with weekly teaching sessions for Doctors, Medical Students, and Nursing Staff and Students.

  • Nursing Students (BNSc) complete a 4-week rotation in the ED.
  • 3rd year and final year Medical students from NUIG
  • The ED hosts Advanced Paramedics and EMS students from the Ambulance service as part of their clinical attachments.
  • The ED, in conjunction with the Resuscitation Training Department in SUH, runs regular courses in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS).

The Emergency Department at Sligo University Hospital is accredited for Higher Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine by the Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training (ICEMT). It is also affiliated with the Sligo Vocational Training Scheme in General Practice. The Department is also part of Basic Specialty Training in Emergency Medicine, General Practice, Medicine and Surgery.

Research Projects

CSTEM Presentations Meeting RCSI Dec 2016


1st and 2nd Prizes

Sligo ED CSTEM Trainees Dr Emma Roemmele and Dr Yewande Olupitan win 2nd and 1st prizes at the National CSTEM Presentations Meeting . Their presentations were on An Unusual Case of Traumatic Neck Swelling and NCHD Attitudes to Emergency Medicine respectively

iPERM Paediatric Emergency Research Meeting 2014
Best Oral Presentation

Paediatric procedural sedation in the ED: the experience in Sligo Regional Hospital

Michael Bennett


Photo: Michael Bennett receiving his prize, with Dr Turlough Bolger (Tallaght), Dr Roisín McNamara (Temple St), Dr Sam Deiratany (Temple St).

IAEM/Leo Pharma Prize Awards 2009
Best Poster – Adult Emergency Medicine

The introduction of an Emergency Department care pathway for patients presenting with Renal Colic.

Vinesh Ramiah, Michael Sweeney, Adrian Gheiti.

Photo: Orla O’Donnell, Critical Care Representative, Leo Pharma presents Dr Vinny Ramiah, Sligo Regional Hospital with his prize.

Abstracts, Posters and Presentations

Title: Reperfusion of Ischaemic Stroke 220km away from nearest Interventional Neuroradiology Centre – Introduction of a new pathway and a review of one Emergency Department’s practice over 18 months. (IAEM 2017 Galway)

Authors: R Daly, E Herridge, H Hamad, A Stevenson, M Sweeney 

Link to Poster

Title:  Update on ATLS (ICEM 2018 Mexico City)

Presenter: F Hickey

Title:  #SNAPPED: Sonography by Nursing Advanced Practitioners for Assessing Paediatric wrist fractures in the Emergency Department (ICEM 2018 Mexico City)

Authors: K Langtree, I Van Dijk, E Herridge, Y Oluptian, M Sweeney, K Harris

Title:  POCUS on the Heart (ICEM 2018 Mexico City)

Authors: K Langtree, I Van Dijk, E Herridge, Y Oluptian, M Sweeney, K Harris

Title:  An Exploration of Medical & Nursing Professionals’ Experiences of Teamwork during In-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Events (ICEM 2018 Mexico City)

Authors: S Johnson, C Houghton


Title:  Under Pressure: Evaluating Cricoid Pressure Application at Sligo University Hospital (ICEM 2018 Mexico City)

Authors: E Roemmele, S Power, S Farrell, M Lulic

Title:  Safer, Better, Faster treatment of patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis

K Harris, G O’Malley, M Khalil Poster

Title:  Checking Paediatric Blood Sugars at Triage – A Quality Improvement Project

C O’Rourke, K Harris Poster

Title: ATLS – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Presenter: F Hickey (ICEM 2016 CapeTown)

Antibiotic Prescribing for Sepsis in Sligo University Hospital Emergency Department

E Roemmele, K Harris, R O’Cathasaigh

SUH ED's good work in the fight against sepsis at the 3rd National Sepsis Summit
SUH ED’s good work in the fight against sepsis at the 3rd National Sepsis Summit


Art in the Waiting Room: A Quality Improvement Project – The Emergency Department Collaborating with the Local Community
M Sweeney, H O’Shea, M Hynes, G Rutherford Poster

Painful thumb post anaphylaxis: a case of digital limb ischaemia
S Gilmartin, M Hussain, M Sweeney Poster

Time to Intranasal Fentanyl in Acute Paediatric Presentations to an Emergency Department, A Closed Loop Audit
S Gilmartin, L Cunningham, A Rodgers, M Sweeney Poster

The Scaphoid Train. An Audit of Patients with Suspected Scaphoid Fractures in the
Emergency Department of Sligo University Hospital
K Harris, P Gallagher Poster

Spontaneous Subcapsular Renal Haematoma in a Patient with Renal Sarcoidosis: A Case Report
M Rice Poster


Cyberspace: Another Access Point to the Emergency Department
Dr C. McDermott, N. McDermott, Dr M. Sweeney.   Poster

Intralipid Emulsion Therapy: Management of Cardiotoxic Poisoning
Dr C. McDermott, Dr M. Sweeney.  Poster

The Serotonin Syndrome as a Result of Mephedrone Toxicity.
Gerard Garrett, Michael Sweeney.  
BMJ Case Reports Published 1 January 2010;published online 21 September 2010, doi:10.1136/bcr.04.2010.2925

Child Protection in Emergency Departments in the Republic of Ireland
Dr H Cummins, Dr K McHugh, Dr A Ibrahim, Dr K Cunningham.  Poster

Emergency Department Services for Children in the Republic of Ireland
K. McHugh, H. Cummins, A. Ibrahim, K. Cunningham.  Poster

Blunt Thoracic injury & the Management of Mutliple Rib Fractures
V Ramiah, F Hickey.  Poster

Farm Injuries Presenting to a General Hospital
Dr G Lecky, Dr K Cunningham.  Poster

Hard Landings: Injuries From Bouncy Castles
Dr O O’Flynn, Dr K Cunningham.  Poster

Introducing Emergency Department Fascia Iliaca Compartment Nerve Block for Hip Fractures.
Dr K McHugh, Dr T Lynch, Dr K Cunningham.  Poster

Multiple Allergic Reactions following Mass Chemoprophylaxis for Meningitis
Dr Aidan Ryan, Dr Kesokotse Seitsukulo, Dr Anthony Breslin, Dr Peter Wright, Dr K Cunningham.  Poster

New Care Pathway for Renal Colic
V Ramiah, M Sweeney.  Poster

Violence Related Injury in Children Attending an Inner City Emergency Department
Dr DR Green (Mater Infirmorum Hospital, Belfast), Dr K Cunningham (Sligo Regional Hospital)  Poster

Making Waves In The West. A Study of Water Sport Related Injuries Presenting to an Emergency Department in the West of Ireland
T.Breslin(St. James’ Hospital, Dublin 8.), K.Cunningham (Sligo Regional Hospital).  Poster

A Survey on the management of communications regarding at Risk children who may present to Emergency Departments in Ireland
V Ramiah, K Cunningham.  Poster

Quality Control

  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Clinical Care Pathways:
    • Chest Pain pathway
    • DVT pathway
    • Renal Colic pathway
    • Stroke pathway
    • Procedural Sedation pathway
    • Major Trauma pathway
  • Audit
    • Management of Neck of Femur fractures
    • Time to thrombolysis
    • Paediatric waiting times
    • Asthma management
    • Bronchiolitis management
  • Risk Management
    • Trauma Forum – Joint QC forum with Department of Anaesthaesia, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Morbidity & Mortality Meetings
    • Regular review of resuscitation cases
    • Joint grand rounds meetings with Paediatrics and Medicine
  • Continued Professional Development
    • All doctors in the ED are registered as per Irish Medical Council regulations
  • Regular appraisal/ assessment of staff

    Sligo University Hospital