Training in Bedside Cardiac Echo in the Critically Ill @ SUH

Apical4ChamberCROPThe Cardiac Investigations Department will run training sessions over the next six weeks aimed at ICU, EM, and Acute Medicine Consultants and Trainees

The six weeks of echo practical sessions will consist of:

5/9/2016: Week 1.” Knobology”, enter patient details, saving images etc. (On different echo machines, including portable vivid machines).
12/9/2016: Week 2. Apical Views, Ap4ch, AP2ch, Ap Long Axis, Ap5Ch – LV function.
19/9/2016: Week 3. Parasternal long axis, RV inflow, RV outflow – LV function.
26/9/2016: Week 4. Parasternal short axis images, apical, pap and AV level – LV function.
3/10/2016: Week 5. Suprasternal and Subcostal imaging, IVC, effusion assessment, aortic arch.

10/10/2016: Week 6. Basic valve assessment.
17/10/2016: Week 7. Assessment day

Location of echo practical sessions for weeks above: Cardiac Investigations Department, level 4, SUH.

Time: 1-1.30pm sharp.