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   TEACHING for Second half of the year (2014)
Purpose of teaching
-Cover some of the core medical and surgical and Paediatric topics of Emergency Medicine
-To maintain quality and uniformity or practice for all doctors in ED with a focus on day to day clinical practice as well as more rare but life-threatening emergencies
TOPICS ( not necessarily in this order )
1) Management of Acute cardiac emergencies including ACLS review
2) Management of acute respiratory emergencies including Airway management and  RSI )
3) Management of acute Neurological Emergencies including CVA (SAH/thrombolysis debate / stroke and TIA guidelines / syncope )
4) Vascular Catastrophes . AAA/ dissection  / cardiac Tamponade
5) Trauma management – Recent updates eg ICEM , Damage control resuscitation / crash 2 trial / TTM trial
6) Orthopaedic injuries ( pelvis / longbone / hand and foot / soft tissue injuries to shoulder , knee , wrist and ankle
7) The focussed clinical exam in 2014 – Different Joints / formal Cardiac exam / neurological examination .
9) Paediatric Emergencies ( Assessment of the unwell child / PALS / APLS / APLS review / NAI
10)Interpretation and management of Acute Electrolyte disturbances (hyperkaleamia / acid base / hyponatremia / Hypernatremia / DKA / Honk / Acute renal failure )
11) The critically ill patient – Sepsis bundles / BOIC / Post cardiac arrest management / post intubation check list / inotropes / antibiotics in serious sepsis
12) Toxicology – general approach / Specific and common life-threatening overdoses. Seratonin and anticoholinergic syndrome

SUB Structure

“Reversed class room” philosophy – Trainees present short talks for every teaching program ( no talk longer than 15 minutes , usually 5-10 minutes )
“Expert panel” discussion (consultant/SPR/guest )  will discuss afterwards
ideally real life cases will be discussed
A teaching session should have a summary / consensus at the end , so that the information obtained can be used for real life clinical work in ED ( or to pass exams!)
Talks will be posted on the blog each week ( with all patient sensitive information de-identified )

follow this link  (tap the images)  for trustworthy and free internet resources for up to date resources . A good start for any talk you might have to do .