Week four !

Teaching august 14
Topic respiratory and airway emergencies 
I thought it would be a good idea to run scenarios next week . Please pick a scenario from the list below ( unless you have a better one to run instead). If you don’t want to run a scenario then present an interesting case , short but including investigations , management and specific learning point 
For the scenarios we will try and run two at a time with a senior doc helping in each group. 
Each scenario should have the following elements 
1) needs to be ‘real life’ type , not some outlandish story
2) brief introduction at the bedside … Eg this is a 50 yo patient who presents in respiratory distress with these vital signs…
3) there should be a straight forward journey to recovery or at least stabalisation and transfer out of ed . It should involve several interventions / investigations and treatments ( that are up todate guideline or evidence based ) and if these treatments aren’t performed bad things should happen or at least advice to person on “what else ” they should do 
4) a summary of leaning point or guideline ( with reference – eg nice guidlines / hospital guideline) 
Below are possible airway and respiratory scenarios 
1) three month old with croup or bronchialitis or pneumonia 
2) child or adult in status asthmaticus 
3) obese male with exac of copd 
4) burns patient – airway
5) 99 year old dementia patient in acute Resp distress from pneumonia 
6) severe community aquired pneumonia 
7) acute stridor in an adult 
So pick a case and pass it on ! Maybe discuss the learning pouts with a senior prior to the teaching