Week two case presentation / ultrasound and emergency medicine and the internet

Teaching 31 st August 2014 SGH DEM 
1) post lumbar puncture headache – Muhammad case presentation and discussion 
2) introduction to ultrasound use in the emergency department – mick killeen 
3) FOAM , emergency medicine resources online 
Please pick a website that you use ( or will use from now on ) and present a five minute talk based around some clinical question and how and why you use this particular source. Below are 2 examples 
Clinical question 
Background : everywhere I work people seem to have strong opinions about thrombolysis in stroke and the world seems to be devided  on their interpretation of the literature – where can I get a good pro and con review on this subject ? 
Clinical question 
What are the controversies around thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke 
Chosen  website ( 3 chosen) 
Emcrit  – why ? Because I have followed his blogs for years and have grown to trust his blogs and podcast. They are well referenced , make scientific sense and are cutting edge http://emcrit.org/podcasts/tpa-for-ischemic-stroke-debate/
David Newman – a well known cynic and very knowledgeable ed physician who published on a well known website known as the NNT
Plus EMA ONLINE ( emergency medical journal of Australia ) – why ? because I get it free through college of em and I remember seeing this article which was a ballanced counter argument in favour of thrombolysis. 
Example 2 .
Clinical question : does tamsulosin help patients in ed with renal colic? 
Chosen website : http://thesgem.com/2014/04/sgem71-like-a-rolling-kidney-stone-a-systematic-review-of-renal-colic/
Why : well actually looking for bestbets and cochrane articles but found this one first and it made a lot of sense I then also looked at this site and saw a debate raging in the replys. It answered my question for me ( for now) 
If you are not sure of a topic check with a senior. 
Thanks in anticipation 

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