Unannounced Paediatric Trauma Drill

Paediatric Trauma Drill

Simulation training continues in the ED

This week we ran an unannounced simulated paediatric trauma case, with the Hospital Resuscitation Officer, the National Ambulance Service, the Emergency Department, the Nursing Office, Intensive Care Unit, and the Paediatric Department.

It was a great opportunity to run through

  • Paramedic to ED Handover, handover from NAS
  • Paediatric Resuscitation,
  • Trauma Management,
  • Head Injury Management,
  • Difficult Airway Management, prep for intubation
  • Pneumothorax management,
  • ED to ICU handover
  • Debriefing

Lots of lessons learned. Well done to all!

summarisingpt arrives

head blocks

continuing mgmt

airway Wande and Sol primary surveyarrival icu Cardiac arrest commence CPR  Continuing resuscitation    ICU attaching to ventilator logroll   settling in ICU  transfer to bed